Advanced Theme Buidler

User Interface customization was never made easier as we provide you with a dynamic front-end. We understand how customers value a great design, so we're providing you a theme market to pick from and customize in easy steps.

  1. Select one of our themes
  2. Add new Section
  3. Select block inside
  4. Name it, Customize its design & Animate it.

Advanced Dashboard

  1. With a set of different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with different paces (Daily, Monthly, Annually) to give you an overview over your online store performance (i.e. Sales amount, orders quantity, number of new customers, number of sold items).
  2. Order Status (Pending vs delivered) and Customers’ status (Retained vs new).
  3. Identification of rush selling times by showing historic data of orders per hour and orders per day.
  4. Items selling potential by showing best or worst sellers (Quantity and total selling value).
  5. Customers’ shipping method preference, by showing utilization percentages of different shipping options.

Advanced Customers Management Tool

We’ve developed a tool that allows you to improve your business by enabling you to better understand your customers. Customer Management Tool provides you with the information you need to understand your customers’ purchasing behaviors, by following their buying trends, favorite shipping method and also their wish lists. It also lists all customers’ reviews to better understand the quality of your offered products.

  1. Add Product’s Name, Description, Price and Specification.
  2. Set Inventory Level.
  3. Select Category
  4. Drag & Drop Product Images.

Sophisticated Analytics & Reporting System

Buzlin have developed an analytics tool to make use of all the data captured on Buzlin E-commerce System in order to help you measure how successful your marketing campaigns are, products’ popularity, how much your customer is willing to spend on your online store.
Built on complicated algorithms the tool can analyze the data and digest it into number of reports which is categorized as following

  1. Products Reports.
  2. Customers Reports.
  3. General Statistics.

Smart Product Wizard

With Buzlin you can Add, Edit or Remove any products in easy four steps using our bespoke Smart Product Wizard (SPW) that makes life much easier to publish your product by following the below

  1. Add Product’s Name, Description, Price and Specification.
  2. Set Inventory Level.
  3. Select Category
  4. Drag & Drop Product Images.

Social Media Marketing Integration

Manage and control your Social Media Marketing Campaigns through our system, as we’ve integrated social media advertising tools into Buzlin Ecommerce System so you would have what we call “a one stop management platform” to manage not only your business sales but also the marketing campaigns in social media without the hassle of switching between different applications.

Advanced Product Manager

Start save up to 95% of your time on managing products in your store today!. Add the necessary product attributes and edit products data right in the product grid as you do in Microsoft Excel and proceed mass products update to drastically increase time efficiency of your products catalog management process.

These were the most prominent features in Buzlin E-commerce System, however there are many others that it’s better to experience yourself with our free trial!

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