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Frequently Answered Questions

1 . Why move your store online?

Gone are the days when people used to visit your store to navigate through your products/services and pick whatever they want to buy.
The truth is that we’re living in the age of digital. A world where millennials (AKA young people) have the power to access the internet at any time they want to.

Young people spend most of their time online. Studies show that the average time spent by young adults is more than 27 hours/week. They are either checking their social media newsfeed on an hourly basis or visiting their favorite websites to shop online.
Statistics also show that 47% of the online consumers prefer shopping online rather than physically in stores, as it’s easier and they get to have different options without bothering moving from their home comfort.

What is really interesting is that number is insanely growing in the region, as 72% of Middle East online consumers made their first online purchase within the past two years, therefore there’s a great potential that this number will be doubled in next few years especially with the revolution of smartphones and tablets.

The Middle East online market is expected to expand by up to $51 Billion in 2017.
The vast majority of your customers are now online. So why keep your business where nobody is really watching?

It’s time to get your business under the spotlight, and opportunities will come knocking at your door.

2. Okay! If social media is important, then why would I need a website?

Social media is the fastest, cheapest, and richest channel to market and advertise your business, but not to manage your online store.
Using an e-commerce platform will give you much more control over your processes especially if you’re expecting a surge in demand.
An eCommerce website allows you to easily manage and track customers’ orders automatically, without the need for the spread sheets’ hassle.
Checking inboxes, and manually populating spreadsheets is not a great way to run a business.

Another huge advantage is being able to analyze data using built in complex algorithms that only computers can do in a very short time for you.
From a customer’s perspective, it’s easier for them to purchase from a website as it’s more user friendly, offers cross selling, enables order customization and also way easier to place an order from.

All the previous points we mentioned will stimulate your customer’s intention to buy, and give them the impression that you’re a trusted business rather than an amateur sole seller, which will in turn increase your profit & ROI.

3. How about the cost I will have to pay? It’d cost me a fortune to outsource an eCommerce website? Should I really invest that much while I’m just getting started?!

We understand what you’re going through. It would cost you lots of money to hire an entire team of developers just to build you the eCommerce website you want, maintain the website and keep it up & running.

As a matter of fact these are the reasons we at Buzlin exist in business.
We made it possible for you to have a customized e-commerce website with the cheapest price ever, starting from $20/Month!

What makes Buzlin eCommerce system stand out is not only its customizable user interface and easy-to-use dashboard, but the real game changer is the system’s backend & the data it provides you.

In the world of eCommerce “data” is the name of the game.
We designed our dashboard (also known as the backend) of our system to be flexible and provide you with timely report & unique analytics that you need to understand your customers. Things like your most selling item, geographical location of your customers, rush hours, and daily traffic are things that will now come to you at the click of a button.

We empower you to take control over your sales, shipping and quality processes with that price.
And because maintenance is super important, we have dedicated a full team of Buzlin developers to help you update and keep your system working as smoothly as possible.

Buzlin eCommerce system is designed to bring you the best features of world-class eCommerce systems at affordable prices.

4. Alright I’ll buy an online store, but why should I use Buzlin?

Well, besides offering a really good service at an affordable price, here are 10 reasons why you should use Buzlin:

  • Buzlin’s team continuously improve the system, so you wouldn’t need a full team employees to support it. Leave it to Buzlin. We got you covered ;)
  • We provide multi-lingual online stores including Arabic, so your website will definitely fit for purpose in the region.
  • We Speak your Language
  • When you face a problem, our customer support office in the Middle East will be there to help you & you can communicate with them in Arabic or English.
  • Our Admin Panel doesn’t require a specialist to deal with, and doesn’t compromise the information you need.
  • Our offers are 30% cheaper than the cheapest on the market, and provide a 400% better quality.
  • We have something called “For Granted Policy.” It basically means that we provide our customer with 90% of the features when they just buy our cheapest bundle, for example:
    • a) You get unlimited users to use your admin panel.
    • b) With our cheapest bundle you have the capability to create and manage both vouchers and gift cards without upgrading.
    • c) You get Professional Reporting System for granted.
  • Our auto-fill option makes it easy for you & your customer to fill in their personal data, as the system gives them the option to pull their personal details from their social media or e-mail accounts instead of refilling it.
  • Buzlin Smart Search Engine is another feature that enables your customer to easily find what they’re looking for, as the search engine can instantly identify their typing and match it with the relevant products.
  • Our system is developed to be light and doesn’t consume a lot of memory which in turn makes it super easy and smooth for the customer to check-out.

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