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Wrapping up a new brand pillar
eCommerce System
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How we helped Hapilin place itself as a premium choice for its customers in the special gifts category.


  • Online Store Development
  • Visual Identity & Branding
  • Product Photography
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Operations for Order packaging
  • Cast Collection & Delivery


Hapilin is a company that literally takes the industry of making gifts to a whole other level. The brand transforms gifts into art. Whether it is Ramadan Lantern or a beautiful Valentine gift, Hapilin is a unique gift shop a premium choice to consider.

While the brand kept its innovation going up, it actually faced a fierce with keeping up a strong online presence & effectively tracking orders in a world increasingly dominated by the fast pace of unique online experiences.

Our answer was to build a solid eCommerce platform able to facilitate Hapilin’s operations along with crafting highly attractive visuals that help push the brand’s products across all relevant touch points.


When we took a closer look at Hapilin’s products we figured out that every product that they actually sell is unique. Every product has its own design and color, and there is a beautiful assortment of products they could offer their customers.

We found out that Hapilin’s core edge was turning gifts into happiness, and all we had to do was to help them expose that point to their customers and communicate their message deeply.

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Phase 1: Building an online store to spread happiness!

Hapilin is really good at making great gifts with passion and love, and Buzlin happens to be really good at building eCommerce platforms, so that’s how we decided to cross paths.

Our developers team got the ball rolling by turning their focus to building an eCommerce platform that runs smoothly & also matches the happy atmosphere Hapilin could bring its customers.

On the back-end of the website, we built a dashboard that wraps everything up. From the daily sales performance graph, to best selling items, to tracking orders, all are made available in just one place and that’s the dashboard.

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Phase 2: Going the 2 extra miles…

To push things further in the right direction we decided to bring Hapilin products to our in-house studio and take high-resolution pictures of them to demonstrate their high quality and vivacious design. After some retouching and isolation work, everything looked perfect.

We even prepared different themes for products photography session to be used for various purposes.

The second highway track we chose to walk was to work with Hapilin team on making their gift even better by finalizing the packaging in a totally creative design. We even dispatched it for delivery from our Buzlin warehouses to make sure it stays in shape & gets delivered on time.

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Phase 3: Crafting content for game-changing results

One thing we really learned from our experience with numerous clients is that you can’t ignore social media. The social media game is vital for businesses these days, and it can actually provide the hype your online store needs to keep things up and running.

That’s why we needed to make things even more exciting on social media by crafting customer-oriented content while using some the photos our Buzlin photographers took in-house.

Buzlin orchestrated the entire content distribution plan along with the editorial calendar to help Hapilin achieve the maximum impact on all relevant touch points.

Phase 3.5: One for delivery, another for cash collection!

What’s the use of an online gifts shop if doesn’t customize its process to suit the customers?? Yeah..that’s right!

After analyzing some data that our team extracted from the eCommerce dashboard, we figured out that most of Hapilin’s customers who choose the “cash on delivery” option actually need 2 locations when they enter their personal data before processing an order. One for delivering the gift, and another for collecting cash.

We reviewed the data with Hapilin team, and once we got it approved, we added that option to the eCommerce platform.

Hapilin is one of those brands that takes something as simple as gifts and elevates it to a whole other level. It was really great for us at Buzlin to work with such an aspirational brand and help its team attain their brand & business goals.

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