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Mofkera is a well-known brand that turns conventional notebooks into art. The brand focuses on notebooks and stationery products and how to reshape an industry passed down from generations. However, to succeed on the shelves of premium retailers and bookstores, it needed to elevate its brand perception to that of a modern brand that could reach any of its customers online.


A well-designed stationery & notebooks manufacturer operating in Egypt, Jordan, KSA, and UAE.


  • Online Store Development
  • Operations for Order packaging


Mofkera, a leading manufacturer of premium stationery products & notebooks, was utilizing an outdated online business/selling model that fell far short of doing its products justice. The staff was facing an uphill challenge of managing inventory, providing premium customer service, and keep track of orders.

The brand required a high-end touch that could not be achieved within the existing sales model depending solely on social media & selling offline.


After knowing Mofkera’s short-term & long-term business goals, and how the brand needs to reposition itself in the market, our Buzlin team conducted a thorough business model audit & brand exploration revealed an outmoded visual identity and a rigid sales cycle that partially works online via social media, and also works offline via selling inside some bookstores.

These factors were hindering the ability of Mofkera’s marketing department to showcase and sell its beautiful products effectively.

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Phase 1: Redesigning the whole business cycle

The first hurdle that was preventing Mofkera from achieving its business goals was the absence of an online integrated eCommerce website. That was the first cornerstone that Buzlin worked on which we believed will support all of the upcoming business endeavors.

Our team of developers built a beautiful fully integrated eCommerce platform for Mofkera that showcases all of its products and provide its customers with a uniquely smooth experience.

On the other side of the fence, we custom-made the back-end of the online store to provide Mofkera’s team with key metrics which were impossible to get from just selling from their Facebook page.

Orders status, customer's status, best selling items, daily performance graph, and even comparing different periods of time are all made possible once Buzlin eCommerce System was up & running for Mofkera’s team.

Phase 2: Driving results that are beyond the cover

The result of our efforts was really obvious to Mofkera. After overhauling the business process and taking a huge part of it to the online world, Mofkera was successfully able to the company’s live performance and on a daily basis.

They could finally avoid bottlenecks, find out which items are performing exceptionally better than others, and most importantly, Buzlin’s Advanced Order Management System (OSM) empowered Mofkera to increase its quota of stock items that is ready for sale.

The integrated system that Buzlin built for Mofkera was a platform for success that reflected on the company’s operations in Egypt, Jordan, UAE, and KSA.

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