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What We Do

Being a leader Ecommerce system provider in the Middle East & North Africa gave us the enthusiasm we needed to create an integrated Ecommerce platform that helps all types of businesses in the region & around the world to grow.

What We Do?

Think of Buzlin as your digital & Ecommerce partner. We deliver your business online via an Ecommerce system that we build & tailor to fit your specific business needs.

Our Ecommerce platform is embedded with smart tools like an advanced dashboard, featured admin panel, website builder, detailed customer management tool and an advanced order manager.

We help you sell more!

In order to guarantee the constant success of your business operations, we also provide Digital Marketing services that include Social Media Management, creative Content Creation, and online customer service.

And if you choose to collect your money online, we can help you with our Online Payment services & shipment tracking advanced tools.

Your everything-online platform is here to help you advance & go further with your business.

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Why Choose Buzlin

We’re a group of Ecommerce specialists, developers, and marketing gurus who are genuinely passionate about what they do.
At Buzlin, we believe in the power of digital and we combine with all the latest & greatest tools to help our customers.
We help drive sales for products & services that positively impact our lives. No matter your industry, product or service – we help create amazing Ecommerce experiences & increase you ROI.

Features we provide

Website builder

User Interface customization was never made easier as we provide you with a dynamic front-end. We understand how customers value a great design, so we're providing you a theme market to pick from and customize in easy steps.

Interactive dashboard with a user-friendly design

With a set of different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in different time intervals (daily, monthly, annually) to give you an overview of your online store performance (i.e. sales amount, orders quantity, the number of new customers, number of sold items).

Understanding your customer has never been easier

Your customer is definitely unique and different from the ones who favor another brand. They love your brand for a reason and we help you understand that reason.

Get your hands on the smallest details: analytics & reporting system

Buzlin has developed an analytics tool to make use of all the data captured on Buzlin E-commerce System in order to help you measure how successful your marketing campaigns are, products’ popularity, how much your customer is willing to spend on your online store.

Innovative Smart Product Wizard

With Buzlin you can Add, Edit or Remove any products in easy four steps using our bespoke Smart Product Wizard (SPW) that makes life much easier to publish your product by following the below

Turn your brand into your customer’s favorite brand!

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