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Stark - Office Furniture

How Buzlin leveraged 3D modeling to catapult Stark’s ability to showcase its line of products in a completely new way.


A manufacturer of high-end office furniture (Office Desks, Book Cases, Counters, Meeting Tables, Workstations, Office Chairs, Office Sofas) made according to the European Union standards.


The office furniture market is dominated by deeply entrenched franchises and big brand names. Stark was struggling to leverage its diverse line of products to connect with consumers and tell why its products offer great value at affordable prices.

Without capitalizing on Stark’s core edge of quality, design, and price, the company had a long way to walk till it actually connects with its customers.

Start needed a platform that could help push its products in the right direction while providing the metrics necessary to rectify any gaps in its business model.


Stark was relying heavily on selling its products via social media which wasn’t really helping the company acquire the statistics and relevant data it needs to improve its sales and business cycle. Another factor that was stopping Stark from achieving its goal was the quality of the visuals. They were using low-resolution pictures that didn’t really help showcase the high-quality of its products.

All we really needed was to leverage the power of social media along with our extensive ability to build great eCommerce websites while highlighting the amazing design & quality of the product itself.

Project Image
Project Image


Phase 1: Breaking old habits for a new start

As a general rule of thumb, great photography and taking great high-res shots works perfectly for the vast majority of our clients, but when it came down to furniture, our team knew that what Stark really needs to elevate its game is far more advanced that just high-quality photos.

We intersected our artistic skills with advanced technology to build utterly new 3D modeling designs for every single product Stark had to show to its customers.

We also applied various professional office themes and labeled each product differently according to the colors available for sale.

By the end of this first phase, the results were ready to support our next 2 phases to reach Stark’s goals.

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Phase 2: Bringing the furniture showroom to customers’ screens

To help support Stark’s brand and business goals, Buzlin initiated a comprehensive eCommerce site design, developing a whole new platform to help better showcase Stark’s products and enabling users to quickly identify the right piece of office furniture for their needs.

As always the dashboard was full of important live data and metrics like best selling items, customers status, orders status. All of this to support Stark’s team with the information needed to continuously improve their performance and provide exceptional service to their customers.

Phase 3: Leveraging the social pillar!

After 3D modeling and building the brand new eCommerce platform, social media was the next and 3rd step.

We started by creating bilingual content that would engage customers and encourage them to go visit the new online store. By using customer-oriented creative content and smart call to actions we were able to get the traction that the brand needed to connect with its potential customers.

Our work with Stark - Office Furniture Egypt has been an exciting journey which taught us the fact that to achieve something new to have to tackle things a little differently.

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