Traditional Commerce vs eCommerce; 5 reasons to put your offline business online

With the rapid and constant growth of digital marketing & social media around us, many companies, businesses & even retailers ask themselves: should we be online or can we just ignore it and keep it traditional?

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Well, there is no deny that social media and digital space have influenced all of our lives. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram, all of these huge portals have changed how businesses interact with their customers or fans.

Big companies are becoming more human and humans are becoming brands or influencers.

People no longer go to shops & stores to buy groceries. They can order everything they wish for online. They are not bounded by their geographical location anymore. You could be living in one continent and literally order your food online from another country in another continent.

Business is taking the form of digital instead of the old slow-motion version of traditional business.

We’re in 2017 and this is the perfect time to start your eCommerce website.

Still not convinced? Below are 5 more reasons why we believe you should take the digital leap and start doing business online right now.

1. Cost effective

eCommerce is very cost effective when you actually compare it to traditional offline commerce.

When you rely on traditional commerce, the cost has to be incurred for the role of salespeople to sell the company’s product. The cost spent on the sales team is eliminated in eCommerce as there is a direct contact between your business and the customer. The total overhead cost required to run e-business is comparatively less, as compared to offline business.

For example, if you’re running an e-business, only a head office is required. Whereas in the traditional method, a head office with several branches is required to satisfy the needs of customers situated in different places. The cost incurred on labor, maintenance, office rent can be substituted by using the service of an eCommerce system.

2. Time saving

Traditional commerce is time-consuming. It takes a lot of time & effort to complete any transaction. eCommerce saves a lot of your valuable time. A product can be ordered and the transaction can be completed in few minutes through the internet.

3. Geographical accessibility

In traditional commerce, it may be easy to expand the size of your market from regional to national level. Businesses have to naturally incur a lot of expenses on investment to enter international markets. In eCommerce, it is a whole other game.

eCommerce makes it easy to expand the size of the market from regional to international level.

All you have to do is host a website, place advertisements on the internet and communicate with your customers directly. When playing the game of eCommerce, that’s really all you need to penetrate into the global market. It is quite easy to attract customers from global markets at a marginal cost.

4. Easy to introduce new products

In traditional commerce, introducing a new line of products or services is a complete hassle.

It takes a lot of time and money to introduce a new product and analyze the response of the customers, and if you decide to carry out some surveys to understand your customers’ opinion, it will also cost you tons of money!

On the other side of the fence, it is super easy to introduce a product on the website and get the immediate feedback of your customers. Based on the timely reports your eCommerce system could provide you, the products can be redefined and modified for a successful launch.

5. Maximize Profit

The cost incurred on the middlemen, overhead, inventory and limited sales limits the profit of the organization in traditional commerce.

eCommerce helps to increase the sales of your organization. It lets you enjoy greater profits by increasing sales, cutting cost and streamlining operating processes.

The cost incurred on the middlemen, overhead, inventory and limited sales limits the profit of the organization in traditional commerce.

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