5 valuable strategies to grow your brand awareness online at lightening speed in 2017

What is that one thing that would solve 99% of your business problems?
Money! Many big multinational companies had lots and lots of money but they failed to solve their problems.
Pricing! You can maneuver your pricing strategy, get it up or even down a little and still make a successful quarter.

How about the economy! Nope. The economy is certainly a factor that could affect your business but not if it’s really good enough to survive.

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So what is it??

If I don’t know you, you’ve automatically lost my business. How can I buy your products, invest in your company or fund your next venture if I don’t know who you are? It just won’t happen.

If you want to grow your business, you need to make attention your number one priority.

Attention is a very simple concept but it’s difficult to master. In fact, most companies are painfully bad at getting attention, and by attention, we mean Brand Awareness.

Below are 5 factors to consider that could help you grow your brand awareness and overall brand existence online.

1. Great branding

Ask yourself one question: “What is my business really about?” It is very important to display a cohesive branding strategy across all online touchpoints. This will help you create brand recognition and reinforces the brand. It is common for a business to use several channels to reach out to customers. For example, a business may use its website, several social media platforms, blogs, document sharing sites, and more.

2. Optimize Your Website

Your website is literally your online venue. As we all know, creating and maintaining a website is one of the most important branding tools for any type of business. Website optimization for optimal performance on search engines is one of the first things companies can do to drive traffic to a website and improve the brand’s visibility.

3. Social media is your friend

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to promote both small businesses and corporations. It could help you bolster the visibility of your brand and increase its reach in ways you could have never imagined.

Think of Social Media Marketing as a huge integrated bundle that helps promote visibility, brand loyalty, recognition, and can also grow your sales.

4. Content is really king!

Want to increase your brand awareness online for a long stable period of time? Start creating and distributing high-quality customer-oriented content.
It is the best way to gain visibility online. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies to promote your business and create brand recognition online.

5. Leverage the power of video marketing

Businesses of all sizes and scale can benefit from video marketing (YouTube, Vimeo, Metcafe, etc.) especially in 2017.
Posting branded videos relevant to what your niche is really interested in is a very effective way to promote your business, drive valuable traffic to your website, and get your brand noticed in front of a targeted audience.

One last piece of advice is to always be authentic. The more you will be open and honest with yourself about your brand’s value, the more you will be able to authenticate this value when creating your online brand presence which will ultimately increase your audience trust in your brand.

Turn your brand into your customer’s favorite brand!

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